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Magical Duck Race
Magical Duck Race
Magical Duck Race
Magical Duck Race
Magical Duck Race
Magical Duck Race
Magical Duck Race
Magical Duck Race
Magical Duck Race
Magical Duck Race
Magical Duck Race
Magical Duck Race
Magical Duck Race
Magical Duck Race
Magical Duck Race
Magical Duck Race

Magical Duck Race™

Age: 6-36 months
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Major bath time fun!
Race them! Catch them! Discover their unique features with the most entertaining bath toy ever!
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  • A battery operated bath toy that draws water from the tub and creates a unique fountain and race track.
  • 4 colorful ducks race each other celebrating bathtime™!
  • Each duck features a unique & different water spraying effect!
  • Green leaf lever activates the fountain & water effects.
  • Encourages learning through sensory play.
  • Introduces children to the cause and effect processes.
  • Develops eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.
  • Introduces children to concepts such as: full/empty, float/sink.
  • Enhances hygienic habits.
  • Water recycling toy – maintains water level and temperature.
  1. The Magical Duck Race is all about celebrating bathtime™! Attach the Magical Duck Race to a flat surface on the bottom of the bath tub. Secure all three suction cups, ensuring that the fountain is level. Fill the bath tub with water. Water level must be between 4-14 cm. Turn on the Fountain by pressing down the green leaf leaver and allow the water track to fill and place the ducks within to begin the race. Put & take game- encourage your child to catch a duck, promoting hand eye coordination through play.
  2. Learning the power and properties of water - show your baby how to change the ducks and place them on top of the water fountain. Each time a different water effect will surprise your child, as he will reveal the power and properties of water.
    Introduce concepts, colors and numbers and encourage curiosity – use words such as round, circle, float/sink, more/less while explaining the actions in the bath tub. Ask your child to catch the red duck, for example, and replace it with the green duck, to introduce colors. The same can be done with numbers. Encourage curiosity and creative thinking, experimenting in water.
  3. Cause and effect experiments – demonstrate how to use the leaf lever, as you encourage your child to experiment. The activity develops comprehension of cause & effect, improves hand eye coordination as well as promotes child's confidence by obtaining control over his surroundings.


  • The Magical Duck Race stopped working:

The product stops working when the propeller or filter are blocked by dirt, hair soap or rust. In order to fix this, unscrew filter and pull it out. Wash with soap and water, ensuring that the filter mesh is completely clean. Make sure the propeller rotates freely. If it does not, try to release the clog with a sharp object until it rotates freely again. Reinsert filter and screw into place.

Watch a tutorial: click here.

Change batteries

  • The ducks are not racing:

1. Make sure the water track is even and water level is correct (4-14 cm).
2. Plug the water output exits (located on flower and leaf) and let the pump fill with water.
3. Clean filter.
4. Change batteries.
5. Contact us.

  • Fountain doesn't work:

1. Verify correct polarity of batteries.
2. Change batteries.
3. Still doesn't work? Contact us.

  • Are batteries included in the magical duck race?

No. Batteries are not included in the package.

  • What type of batteries are needed to operate the Magical Duck Race?

4 X AA batteries.

  • Where is the battery compartment located on the fountain?

The battery compartment is located on the underside of the fountain.

  • How do I insert batteries?

Attention! Before inserting batteries, ensure the product is dried thoroughly!
To insert batteries, unscrew the battery compartment cover (located on the underside the fountain base) using a coin and extract the battery compartment. Insert 4 X 1.5V AA (LR6) batteries, ensuring correct polarity. Replace the compartment cover and screw firmly into position (see instructions - images 1-4).
Attention! Before using, make sure the battery compartment is completely sealed tight!

  • How do I fix the fountain to the bath?

Use the three suction cups at the bottom of the fountain to fix the fountain to the bath tub. Ensure the fountain is level on a straight surface.

  • What is the required water height to operate the fountain?

To operate the fountain and maintain your child's safety, water level must be between 4-14 cm, covering the filter but lower then the height of the water track (see instructions - image 5).

  • How do I clean the filter?

Unscrew the filter (located on the side of the fountain) and pull it out. Wash with soap and water, ensuring that the filter mesh is completely open. Make sure the inner propeller is also clean and spins freely. Re-position the filter and screw firmly into place.

  • How often should I clean the filter?

The filter should be cleaned every time batteries are replaced.

  • How many effects are created when putting the ducks on top of the flower?

There are 4 water effects activated when putting the ducks on top of the flower.

  • What is the date code and where can I find it on the product?

The Yookidoo date code number helps us track the production date of the product. The date code of the Yookidoo Magical Duck Race is on the bottom of the red and white base. It is a 5 digit number and ends with the 2 letters: RB.


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