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Lights & Music First Book
Lights & Music First Book
Lights & Music First Book
Lights & Music First Book
Lights & Music First Book
Lights & Music First Book™
Lights & Music First Book
Lights & Music First Book
Lights & Music First Book
Lights & Music First Book
Lights & Music First Book
Lights & Music First Book™

Lights & Music First Book™

Age: 0-12 months
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A double sided flashing book for multiple development stages!
10 colorful lights flash in sequence and encourage baby to track and follow light faces as they twinkle along! Design patent.
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  • Battery operated first soft toy book with lights and music.
  • 10 colorful faces light and flash in sequence.
  • Multiple textures and colors, crinkly parts and a baby safe mirror.
  • 2 modes of classical music (Haydn and Chopin) - 10 minutes each.
  • Mute mode for silent play.
  • Easily attaches to the crib, pram or stands upright on the floor.
  • Easily folds for on-the-go uses.
  • Encourages repeated head lifting and turning.
  • Promotes visual tracking skills and depth perception.
  • Promotes sensory development and enhances tactile stimulation.
  • Develops auditory skills.
  1. Newborn baby – place the book around his head while he is lying on his back in crib or stroller. Young babies are particularly attracted to simple geometrical and high contrast drawings, as on the black, white & red side of the book. Turn on the book on one of the modes, and watch how your baby begins to track the lights that flash one after the other. This will strengthen basic muscle control and visual focusing.
  2. Tummy time training – around 3 months old, place the color side of the book in front of your baby. The lights & music will encourage him to lift his head, strengthening head, neck and shoulders as well as stimulating sight and hearing. You will also notice that he stretches out to touch the book developing eye-hand coordination.
  3. Sensory development – encourage your baby to touch the different textures on the book and describe his actions in terms like soft/rough, nice and crinkly. Your baby will develop his fine motor skills and learn to understand the connection between the words and the tactile sensation. Point to each page and say the name of the depicted season. Connect the visual images to the season and sensations like Summer = hot, sun, beach; or tell a short story about the season. Use terms such as book and page to strengthen the positive experience and promote reading in the future.
  • Are batteries included with the Lights & Music First Book?

    No batteries are not included.

  • Which batteries should I use with the Lights & Music First Book?

    3X AAA 1.5V Batteries.

  • How do I insert batteries to the book?

    To insert batteries, unscrew the battery compartment cover (on the back of the battery compartment at the edge of the book) using a Phillips Head screwdriver. Insert 3 X 1.5V AAA batteries, ensuring correct polarity. Replace the cover and screw tight.

  • Which tunes are featured in the book?

    10 consecutive minutes of Chopin classical music for stimulation, and 10 consecutive minutes of Hayden classical music for relaxation.

  • Which modes exist on the book?

    Off, silent mode (lights only), relaxation music and stimulation music.

  • How do I change between the book modes?

    The slider changing modes is located on the side of the book opposite the battery compartment.

  • What is the date code and where can I find it on the product?

    The Yookidoo date code helps us track the production date of the product. The date code of the Yookidoo Lights & Music First Book is on the product’s sewing label. It is a 5 digit number and ends with the 2 letters:  TF / LD.


  • The lights of the book are slow.

    Change batteries.

  • There is music but not lights/ There are lights but not music.

    1. Change batteries.
    2. Contact us