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Spin 'N' Sort Spout Pro
Spin 'N' Sort Spout Pro
Spin 'N' Sort Spout Pro
Spin 'N' Sort Spout Pro
Spin 'N' Sort Spout Pro™
Spin 'N' Sort Spout Pro™
Spin 'N' Sort Spout Pro
Spin 'N' Sort Spout Pro
Spin 'N' Sort Spout Pro
Spin 'N' Sort Spout Pro
Spin 'N' Sort Spout Pro™
Spin 'N' Sort Spout Pro™

Spin 'N' Sort Spout Pro™

Age: 9-36 months
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Sort, spin, fill & pour.
A enhanced water activity center based on the world's best selling spout.
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  • A battery operated bath spout that easily attaches and draws water from the tub creating an endless stream without wasting water or worrying about hot water burns from the tap.
  • Supports STEM by introducing children to sorting, constructing and putting physics into play with spinning gear movement.
  • Boosts fine motor skills and hand eye coordination while promoting reasoning and problem solving as children create moving experiments with spinning, colorful action.
  • 3 interchangeable, brightly colored bath cups work with spout to create different water effects for spraying, straining, and floating fun.
  • Easy for kids to operate. Specially designed for small hands.
Swiveling arm
  • Swiveling arm holds the bath cups - for playing, stacking and storage.
Different water activities
  • More than 10 different water activities engage little ones in learning while playing in the tub!

Offers a variety of ways to play and learn through water play:

  • Teaches the basic properties of physics.
  • Promotes sensory development.
  • Spinning sorter teaches how gears work and that spinning one will spin the next.
  • Hones thinking skills and problem solving.
  • Develops fine motor skills, accuracy and hand-eye coordination.
  • Introduces baby to put & take play, colors, shapes, sorting and more.
  1. Show your child how to activate the water flow by pressing the goggled face. This will create an endless safe stream of water without affecting bathtub water level or temperature. Teach your child how turn water flow on and off by himself, teaching him cause and effect.
  2. Let your baby enjoy the endless stream of water! Experience the steady flow of water on his hands or fill and pour water from the cup, exploring the concept of full versus empty. Check out the crazy finger sprinkler for cool water squirts too!
  3. Teach baby to recognize colors and shapes. Develop baby’s cognitive and eye-hand coordination ability by fitting the 3 different colored shapes onto the spinning sorter. Talk about shapes and colors. Create water experiments with the colorful spinning action of the spinning gear. Talk about the gear and how it works. Discover how missing shapes effect the spinning process.
  4. Demonstrate the different water effects of each cup. Encourage your baby to swap and change the cups and discover the different water effects. Experiment with each of the cups when held by baby or when placed in cup holder.


  • The Spout Pro stopped working:

    • The product stops working when the propeller or filter are blocked by dirt, hair soap or rust. In order to fix this, unscrew filter and pull it out. Wash with soap and water, ensuring that the filter mesh is completely clean. Make sure propeller rotates freely. If it does not, try to release whatever is causing it to be stuck with a sharp object, until it rotates freely again. Reinsert filter and screw.
    • If you would to watch a tutorial, click here.
    • Change batteries.
  • The water flow from the spout is too slow:

    1. Allow the pump to be filled with water – plug the water output hole at the end of the spout with a one finger for a minute.
    2. Clean filter – clean mesh and make sure that the filter propeller spins freely.
    3. Change batteries.

  • The spout doesn’t work:

    1. Verify correct polarity of batteries.
    2. Change batteries.
    3. Still doesn’t work? Contact us.

  • Can the gears be purchased separately?

    No. The spinning and sorting gears are part of the Spin ‘N’ Sort Spout Pro only.

  • Are batteries included in the Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout?

    No. Batteries are not included.

  • What type of batteries are needed to operate the Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout Pro?

    3 X AA batteries.

  • Where is the battery compartment located on the Spout Pro?

    The battery compartment is located on the back of the spout unit.

  • How do I insert batteries?

    Attention! Before inserting batteries, ensure the product is dried thoroughly!
    To insert batteries, unscrew the battery compartment cover (located on the back of the spout unit) with a cross head screwdriver. Insert 3 X 1.5V AA (LR6) batteries, ensuring correct polarity. Replace the compartment cover and screw firmly into position (See instructions – images 1+2)
    Attention! Before using, make sure the battery compartment is completely sealed!

  • How do I fix the spout to the bath tub?

    Use the suction cup located on the back of the spout unit to fix the spout to the bath tub (see instructions – image 3).

  • What is the water level needed to operate the spout?

    In order to operate the spout make sure the water level is such that it the pump unit is submerged in the water (see instructions – image 4).

  • How do I start the water flow from the spout?

    To start the water flow from the spout, just press the goggles located on the red part of the spout unit and wait for a couple of seconds.

  • Do the gears on the spinning gear detach?

    Yes. The gears detach transforming the gear into a toy sorter that teaches kids to sort shapes and colors.

  • Which water effects are created by the each of the various cups?

    1. Create a shower.
    2. Spin the propeller.
    3. Watch the peek-a-boo friend float to the top.

  • What is the date code and where can I find it on the product?

    The Yookidoo date code helps us track the production date of the product. The date code of the Yookidoo Spin ‘N’ Sort Spout Pro is under the battery lid. It is a 5 digit number and ends with the 2 letters: RB

  • How do I clean the filter?

    Unscrew the filter (located on the side of the pump unit) and pull it out. Wash with soap and water, ensuring that the filter mesh is completely open. Make sure the inner propeller is also clean and spins freely. Re-position the filter and screw in place firmly.

  • How often should I clean the filter?

    The filter should be cleaned every time batteries are replaced.


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